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When I get bigger

 Well, I guess to be a good blogger….you have to actually blog…

For many years now, Little Critter by Mercer Mayor has been a HUGE hit at the Hayes house. We have a vast majority of them memorized. We even have Caleb on video “reading” his favorite Little Critter, When I Get Bigger, when he was maybe 3. It’s the cutest thing ever (and no it’s not just because I’m a bit biased,  you’d say the same thing if you saw it)!

That got me thinking, as kids our days are spent constantly thinking…”when I get bigger”. Then all the sudden we are…bigger that is, and we stop thinking. Well, maybe we don’t stop “thinking” we just don’t tell anyone anymore. Sure we all have the “normal” dreams…

more money

bigger house

kids raised

a boat

more money

But seriously, what if we didn’t care if people laughed at us for wanting to be or do something crazy. What if we could live our lives as adults with the reckless abandon that our kids do. Sometimes being an adult just messes things up…it has its way of taking the kid out of us ya know.

So, I’ll go first.

When I get bigger, I’m gonna be/do…(in no particular order)

A famous singer/musician

party planner

A mom (check)

A wife (check)

A missionary

open an orphanage

Run a chocolate fountain catering business

Be an actress ( I mean actually get paid for it)

A famous speaker (I have alway had the gift of gab)

The next Jane Austen

A farmer (no kidding)

start my own business

be a stay at home mom (check)

an Olympic ice skater

a ballerina

travel the world (even though I don’t fly)

a doctor

own a bakery

Work for the Ace of Cakes

to be continued…